Field Services

Our company can offer access to onsite field services provided by our experienced operators and using equipment compliant with industry and practical standards.

We have access to a range of equipment available to undertake geotechnical projects and investigations of any size. Additionally, we think outside the box to develop innovative solutions to achieve efficient, cost-effective solutions for any geotechnical issues.

Construction Inspections

Whether it be a new home or a 50-storey office tower, it is imperative that all aspects of the building’s foundations are managed by a qualified geotechnical engineer. Our service extends beyond the report that you receive on paper and offers onsite inspections by our experienced engineers.

There are many aspects of installing foundation which is why you must ensure that every part of the build is done correctly to prevent costly rebuilds or jeopardising the stability of the building itself.

Our construction inspection services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Onsite sewerage assessment
  2. Certification and inspection of footings
  3. Supervision of earthworks and excavations
  4. Complying with workplace health and safety requirements

Construction phase verification:

  1. Specialists in providing practical solutions to all on-site geotechnical issues
  2. Bored pier inspections
  3. Batter stability assessments
  4. Foundation bearing capacity assessment
  5. Subgrade evaluations
  6. Plate load testing

Earthwork supervision:

  1. Level 1 supervision
  2. Third party review of earthworks operation