Drilling Services

Pacific Geotech is a company with broad experience in geotechnical investigations and testing, employing highly experienced and reliable personnel to undertake the fieldwork.

Our rigs operate throughout Australia covering a range of investigations from basic site investigations to the most complex of field work requirements with specialities in overwater and limited access sites. We will work to develop investigation solutions to the most difficult sites.

Our key drilling capabilities include:

  1. Limited Access Drilling
  1. HQ3, NMLC, NQ
  1. Overwater Drilling
  1. Hollow & Solid Auger
  1. U50/063/075
  1. Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  1. Mud and Wash boring
  1. Air drilling
  1. Down Hole Hammer
  1. CPT
  1. Direct Push Sampling
  1. Piston Sampling
  1. Inclinometer installation
  1. Standpipe/piezometer Installation
  1. Jet Probing