Environmentally friendly

Pacific Geotech is dedicated to working with the environment and for the environment in all aspects of our operations and consulting. We strongly believe in sustainability when it comes to materials, machinery and building practices which is instilled in our team members throughout the entire company.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the physical investigations with our off-site procedures focusing on recycling and minimising our carbon footprint.

This dedication to the environment benefits the efficiency and overall understanding our company can offer through our range of geotechnical engineering services.

Environmental Policy

Sound, progressive environmental management of all business activities is fundamental to our company. For this reason, we make the following commitments:

  1. Full compliance with the legal and moral obligations towards the environment
  2. Continual improvement and innovation in the management of environmental issues

To achieve our commitment, we will:

  1. Make the management of environmental issues an integral part of the objectives and targets to which the organisation and its people will strive to achieve
  2. Ensure leaders actively promote and encourage responsible environmental practices at all opportunities
  3. Encouraging participation and feedback from all of our stakeholders
  4. Providing all necessary resources for the active management of environmental issues in our business
  5. Environmental management is a team effort. It is up to everyone in our business to participate and play their part.
  6. As Directors, we personally empower everyone at Pacific Geotech with the responsibility to achieve these commitments
  7. Providing all necessary resources for the effective management of health and safety on our business
Environmentally friendy